'Camping In The Sky' Project by FLT-OFFICE Posted on 25 Apr 15:42

Says architecture design firm FLT-OFFICE, "try to image that you are in Manhattan, and one morning you wake up viewing the Empire State Building illuminated by the sun; try to imagine yourself surrounded by nature and try to think that you can stay and enjoy all this spending little money." And with this thinking, Camping In The Sky by the Milan-based firm was born. The project highlights the creation of a skyscraper that simulates seasons and serves as a place for people to gather and enjoy nature, gorgeous views, and social events like concerts. By utilizing a unique 'skin' that is used in boat sails, the skyscraper can let in rainwater, wind, and other environmental elements that enable nature while promoting long-term sustainability. Click here for more info and scroll down for pics. Want more New York architecture news? Check out this minimalist tower set to open in Manhattan next year.