The Major Potential of 'Green Water' on Coffee Farms Posted on 21 Dec 16:39

As climate change becomes more and more apparent, it's effects are beginning to seriously hurt many crop-growing businesses. Coffee farms have seen longer dry seasons and less rain, meaning less water for crops. To combat this, scientists, environmentalists and farmers have been working on ways to keep farm soil rich enough for coffee crops to continue thriving during these dry seasons. One such solution that appears to be gaining traction is the use of 'green water' plants. When cultivated near coffee, 'green water' plants are able to retain water at an extremely high rate. This means when temperatures change and water becomes scarce, the soil is already full of moisture. Many of these plants (like the Canavalia) also combat weeds, an added bonus. Click here to read more about the incredible practice and stay tuned for much more coffee news courtesy of For Five.

Photography by Neil Palmer