An Inside Look At India's Coffee Houses Posted on 11 Jan 18:50

When thinking of coffee, India usually doesn't come to one's mind. After reading this article courtesy of SAVEUR however, that could all change very quickly. Photographer and writer Stuart Freedman has documented the rise of the Indian Coffee House, a cafe and eatery with several locations that has steadily risen in popularity over the past few years. In stark contrast to its western competitors, Indian Coffee Houses boast an old fashioned feel - evident in the cracking walls and rusted chairs that adorn its shops. A younger generation of coffee drinkers have become overnight fanatics, drawn to an atmosphere that weaves together India's past with its present. With an emphasis on conversation and a menu that offers food and coffee at a good price, Indian Coffee Houses have become the unofficial meeting places for thousands, a trend likely to continue. Check out more images below and click on the link above to view the full article.