Photographer Shoots Coffee Growers For 12 Straight Years Posted on 8 Feb 17:52

Photographer Sebastião Salgado had an idea - to show people what one of the world's biggest industries was really all about. From the good to the bad, Salgado teamed up with Illy on a project that would bring increased notoriety to the people who directly had a hand in the coffee boom - the coffee farmers. Salgado, an entrepreneurial photographer, trained as an economist in Brazil in the '60s and worked for the International Coffee Organization during his youth. While there, he traveled to several coffee-growing regions of the world where he started taking pictures of what he saw. In 1973, he left the organization to become a full-time photographer. His subject matter would revolve around social justice: the lives of the working poor, the injustices of genocide, and migration. 12 years later, Salgado had amassed a large collection of photographs documenting the lives of coffee workers throughout the world, which would later become a book, Scent of A Dream: Travels In The World of Coffee. Check out some of his incredible images below and click here to purchase a copy of his book. We hope to see many more wonderful projects like this emerge in the future, well done Sebastião Salgado.