Sustainable Ecosystem Project by Vincent Callebaut Posted on 25 Feb 20:45

We're all about continuing to build sustainable systems around the world as climate change becomes more and more evident. Architect Vincent Callebaut recently unveiled his project Hyperions, a sustainable agro-ecosystem concept which combines archaeology and sustainable food systems that literally grow around wooden and timber towers. Made up of six 36-story towers, Hyperions consists of residential and office spaces in an area that promotes urban renaturation, small scale farming, environmental protection and biodiversity. Other structures include co-working spaces, multi-purpose rooms, apartments, and student housing. Sustainable practices within the community are evident in the use of rainwater for irrigation, gardens on every apartment balcony, and wood throughout the buildings being harvested from surrounding forests. Scroll down for more pics and click here for a more detailed take on Vincent Callebaut's Hyperions project.