Explore the Beautiful Storefronts of Lisbon, Portugal Posted on 3 Jan 12:49

If you've been fortunate enough to travel around the world, you know that the one-of-a-kind feel of any major city can in many ways be attributed its storefronts. From unique typefaces to custom fixtures, centuries of history can be seen in the split second it takes for you to gaze through a boutique window. This concept was further explored by Pixelartprinting in Lisbon, Portugal. "Lisbon's light is unique. The sun shines spectacularly even in winter months. Its rays bounce off every corner of its streets. They highlight the beautiful shapes of its old stores and workshops, the unchanging background to centuries of the city's life," says Pixelartprinting. "The same light seems to shine from the people who work in them: welcoming, smiling men and women who love their land and its history." Watch the short intro video above, view some of our favorite storefronts below, and click here for more. Want more cool design news? Check this out.