Is Honey Coffee The Next Big Thing? Posted on 7 Dec 21:31

Everyone loves the term ‘honey.’ It can be something sweet and delicious or relate to somebody special. But what is honey coffee? "Simply put, a ‘honey' is a coffee that has been depulped but left to dry in its mucilage, the sticky fruit coating that lives just underneath the coffee cherry's skin, or pulp." Producing honey coffee originated in Costa Rica during the mid 20th century, shortly after the creation of washing stations and wet mills. These new facilities would manufacture toffee sweetness and subtle lemon acidity, to name a few, which many considered the perfect addition to breakfast coffee. Along with the much-enjoyed taste, one of the most important aspects of honey coffee to emerge, was the ability to create grade-a coffee without the use of water.

Following a 2008 earthquake in Costa Rica, an ensuing drought made it mandatory to mill coffee with minimal water, a technic studied and perfected in places like Africa and Brazil. Since then, several governments have made it necessary to cut back on water usage, making honey coffee the perfect production method for an eco-friendly future. Want to learn more? Read about the operating procedure, coffee colors, and the future of honey by clicking here.