Hotel In Swiss Alps Has No Exterior Posted on 24 Jul 18:55

When traveling we tend to consider amenities when selecting a place to stay. The Null Stern Hotel thought of one thing and one thing only when creating their hospitality experience - a bond between the guest(s) and their natural surroundings. That's right, the hotel, located in the Swiss Alps, has no walls, ceilings, or anything that would rememble an actual hotel, besides a bed and couple of lamps. The hotel also provides a personal butler and room service, but visitors have to rely heavily on themselves for entertainment (the nearest bathroom is 10 minutes away). While the idea seems a bit crazy, we must admit that staring into a star-filled sky before drifting off to sleep in a cozy bed with a loved one does sound pretty tempting. You can book the room now for $255/night at the Null Stern website.