How To Make The Cleanest Cup of Coffee in the World Posted on 2 May 17:19

Roughly 90% of global trade moves by cargo ship every year ($4 trillion in goods), a very high number for a means of transportation that does a great deal of environmental damage. Want proof? Shipping accounts for 3% of global carbon emissions, 13% of nitrogen oxide emissions, and 12% of sulfur dioxide emissions. These cargo ships also emit enough soot to equal half of the world's total car pollution. A few coffee growers and buyers are starting to transport coffee using old technologies in an effort to curb emissions and bring attention to this very important yet overlooked issue. Instead of using massive cargo ships, farmers like Sergio Romero are packing their coffee into sail boats as part of an initiative to produce coffee with the lowest carbon footprint possible. "Joining this project was like contributing our own little grain of sand to help mitigate climate change," Romero says. "Man can’t live without nature. So we can’t keep destroying it." Read the incredibly interesting piece courtesy of Mashable and Maria Gallucci in its entirety and let us know what you think the future of coffee and transportation will look like.

The Avontuur, one of the ships used for transporting coffee.

Sergio Romero, a Honduran coffee grower.

Leaves from a coffee tree.

A forklift operator brings bags of coffee to the Avontuur.