Milk Plays Hero in Slayer Espresso Machine Posted on 12 Jul 16:07

Seattle-based company Slayer recently released a brand new espresso machine that focuses on an overlooked functionality - steaming milk. By using less water than conventional systems and by heating the milk at extremely high temperatures of 425 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, a caramelization of the milk occurs which leads to a creamier and sweeter taste. Says Slayer, "when it comes to finding 'just the right spot' for steaming small volumes of milk, guessing is a game of the past...even on a machine developed for milk, Slayer's end-game is to make coffee better." Along with the fantastic new features, a sleek design meant to resemble Japanese samurai swords firmly sets the machine apart. Click here for more info on the Slayer Steam Espresso Machine and enjoy a cool little video along with additional specs. Need coffee equipment of your own? Check out the For Five online shop.