Rising Temperature Is Major Threat To Coffee Industry Posted on 10 Nov 13:45

The issue of climate change has been discussed feverishly since Donald Trump was elected president, as many people fear his policies will have a negative impact on recent climate change initiatives. This is especially alarming for coffee companies and farmers, as coffee production is slated to take a major hit as global temperatures continue to rise. Effects of global warming include a major decrease in land on which to grow coffee along with a rise in plant diseases like coffee rust. "It’s a severe threat,” says Doug Welsh, a member of the board of World Coffee Research. "It's anecdotal, but I don't know any coffee farmers who don't believe that their weather, and with it their disease and productivity issues, have changed dramatically over the last decade." Despite the bleak forecast, many steps are being taken to combat the aforementioned issues, including the creation of a gene bank to preserve the genetic diversity in Arabica coffee. Read more about the climate change threat here and discover some of the amazing ways many of the world's biggest companies are trying to make a difference.

Photo by Janet Jarman