This Travel Mug Will Brew Your Coffee & Keep It Hot Posted on 16 Jun 17:26

The Oomph coffee maker is a filter, pressure brewer and travel cup in one. Thanks to our unique design, you can now brew exceptional coffee in under 2 minutes with minimal fuss. Combining the best features of traditional press and modern piston brewing, the Oomph's brewing system has the added advantage of being entirely self-contained, sealing in flavour and getting the very best out of your favourite coffee. Once you’ve brewed, the Oomph will keep your coffee hot for up to an hour so you can decant into a mug or drink directly from the device itself.

What an interesting concept. It's crazy how far technology has come. Check out the videos above and below to see the device in action. Would you use one to brew your morning coffee? Let us know on Twitter. Want more? Check out the official Oomph website here and take a look at some more awesome coffee-related inventions.