Whitestone Pack

$ 65.00 $ 72.00

This bundle pack celebrates Queens, New York, where it all began. Filled with light, medium, + dark roasts, this variety is perfect for our hardworking, caffeine nuts. Includes the Brazil Mogiana single origin, as well as three blend options: Sable, Bridge + House. Specialized for manual / automatic drip machines but not limited to. 

Flavor Profiles:

Bridge Blend, a blend sourced from Sumatra and Ethiopian Gera, features hints of strawberry, dark chocolate and clove. Light to medium (2/5) roast profile.

The House Blend, sourced from Brazil + Colombia, is balanced with hints of cocoa and a berry aroma. Medium (3/5) roast profile.

Sable Blend, a For Five signature, sourced from Africa, Indonesia, Central America + South Americafeatures a bold and robust flavor that leaves a lasting taste on the palette. Dark (5/5) roast profile.

Brazil Mogiana, sourced from Sao Paulo, Brazil, tastes of bittersweet cocoa with notes of walnuts. Light to medium (2/5) roast profile.

Our coffee is roasted at our state of the art specialty coffee roasting facility in the heart of Queens, New York. This ensures an expertly crafted roast which appeal to all coffee enthusiasts.

Net Weight 12oz 

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